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Knocknagor Primary School, Trillick, Omagh

Eco Council 2020 -2021

14th Oct 2020

Why do we have an Eco Council?

The Eco-Council is an ideal opportunity for our pupils to get more involved in the way Knocknagor Primary School is run and fundamentally to help it to be environmentally friendly. The Council benefits the whole school, pupils and teachers, because it provides opportunities for pupils to communicate their feelings as well as influence decisions that are made. Our committee members develop skills such as confidence, communication and negotiation. It is the responsibility of each member to ensure that they express both their own views and the views of all the other pupils they represent.

Who can be a member of the Eco Committee?

Each year pupils from P2-P7 can opt to become part of the council. There is a vote held within each class and representatives are then added to the council. 

What do we do?

Knocknagor Eco-Council meet regularly to discuss how we can make the school more environmentally friendly.
At the beginning of each year the Eco-Council carry out an environmental review and prepare an action plan for the whole school to engage in.
Throughout the year these targets form the basis of the Eco-Councils work but they do get involved in some other projects along the way.

In the past few years the Eco-Council have taken part in:
Recycling clothes in conjunction with the company Cash for Clobber
Building a mini beast hotel
Monitoring energy use in the school
The planting of vegetables and flowers around the school
Promoting healthy living

For this academic year (2020/21) our Eco-Council action plan involves 3 targets, namely:
Enhancing the biodiversity of our school grounds
Reducing the energy we consume in the school and
Encouraging staff and pupils to reduce the amount of waste they dispose of especially the amount of single use plastics they use.